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A pre-emptive FAQ! Our notes and thoughts that didn't quite fit anywhere else. Got more questions for us? Comment here.

Surely the Districts aren’t that big?!
We’re with aimmyarrowshigh and badguys on this one – why would the Capitol leave wild space between districts? “Wilderness” is space that they can’t control and they need to control every bit of Panem that they can. Our theory is that the Districts are that big and that small, centralized, village-like districts such as 12 are destined to be uprooted every couple of centuries when the area they’re in runs dry of its natural resources. The Seam, for example, is surely not the be-all and end-all of District 12. What happens when that mine is emptied of coal? Appalachia is huge. There are other places to go.

Then there are districts like District 11, which by necessity has to be enormous. But even District 11 covers some inarable ground. Maybe The Capitol has some magic through which southern Texas can magically grow kiwis and strawberries – we wouldn’t put it past them – but it’s also reasonable, we think, to assume that not ALL of Panem is going to be used ALL the time. Panem is industry-oriented, yes, but so is The US, Canada, Mexico and all three of those countries have huge swatches of land where there is literally nothing going on.

Why does Panem cover the entire continent?
As above, it makes little sense for The Capitol leave uncontrolled space between each of its districts. It can still be wild, uninhabited area, but it would still need to be controlled. Is it necessary that Panem be so big and cover the entire continent? Maybe not, but, considering the rich resources that Canada and Mexico have, we felt that our neighbors to the north and south should not be so easily dismissed. The Capitol is greedy. Why not take all that land?

What about the arenas?
Personally, we think they’re indoors. Think about it: the Capitol needs a place where they can control everything from the weather to the plants. While we fully believe that Panem is capable of wielding advanced technology such as controlling the (perceived) color of the sky, it’s hard to believe that the Capitol can so completely control a natural space for any number of days or weeks. An indoor manmade arena makes more sense. When Katniss goes to the arena for the first time, she’s taken there by hovercraft whose windows are blacked out for the last part of her flight (HG 144). There’s no reason why The Capitol’s arena-tourists wouldn’t also be subject to the same flight (HG 144-5).

How much time did you spend on this?
Lots. Like, a lot of time. Like, it was morning when we met up in the library and it was morning again when we left for the evening.

Why did you do this?

We invite discussion and constructive criticism. We also challenge you to make your own!
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